Miltä näyttää olla kehittäjä, jolla on liiketoiminta-ajattelu?

Jarvis Luong- CTO Reactron- How do it looks like to be a developer with business mindset

It’s easy to hear good things about developers. Many positive traits make a great developer, from an inquisitive attitude to problem-solving skills. But what if a developer also had an entrepreneurial mind?

This combination is not only rare, but it’s also a must for software companies. Meet CTO of Reactron Technologies Ltd- Jarvis Luong, who is well known for his entrepreneurial mindset and excellent skills as a software developer. In this blog, we’ll explore how Jarvis combined these two skills to create a successful software company through a quick internal chat that he shared with the interviewer.


First thing first, know where the motivation came from

As a programming enthusiast since childhood, what is the most significant value you want to bring to the software development market?

”I’m always striving to optimize the time needed to do certain things. Hence I learned programming to automate stuff. On a wider scope, digitalization brings an immense net value to almost every industry, and I want to bring my passion and expertise to help”.

Value has always come from purpose. The noticeable thing is that Jarvis wants to make software development faster and easier for everyone involved so everyone can create the amazing things they can do without getting bogged down in technical details.

Qaraton | Miltä näyttää olla kehittäjä, jolla on liiketoiminta-ajattelu?

What are the benefits of a developer’s experience who belongs to the C-suite?


 What experiences from programming make you feel connected to a leadership position in a company?

” Analytical research skills- Understanding the technology aspect can help to translate real-world needs into engineering problems.”

Creating a product-consumer fit requires user research. When problem-solving skillset comes from the natural blood of a developer, Jarvis will find intuition guiding data collection, obstacle analysis, and choice judgment. This skill depends not on our technology but on understanding the object, and responding to the user’s needs and situation.

After all, profitable products last a lifetime, as does the relationship with those developing the latest features.


 ”Resilience to failure- More experience will help choose the best path/solution that minimizes risk for a business. It is important for a leader to evaluate the effect of a solution/decision. Hence it helps from an engineering perspective to evaluate this aspect,”.- Jarvis revealed.

It’s just about Jarvis’s side, how about the company? Here are five benefits we are luckily holding it:

• Building a community that provides a competitive edge

• Creating awareness of the project and its value to the community

• Increasing adoption of the project within the community

• Increasing trust in the project through transparency and collaboration

• Achieving faster product-market fit and product/feature development


If we look at both sides of the field and you. It’s not only motivation but also personal experience. What are the things that you enjoy the most in your role?

”Help customers from different needs/angles and situations. That helps to gain experience and keep the working mind fresh”.

”You know you are strong if you can also help the others”

Qaraton | Miltä näyttää olla kehittäjä, jolla on liiketoiminta-ajattelu?


Keeping personal passion alive is essential, but how do you lead and keep a team motivated?

As part of his responsibility, Jarvis believes that contributing to building and keeping his team motivated is an art form that requires many things. 


”Humans like positive things. Hence I always try to encourage and highlight the best part of a project that someone did. I also give my best-effort feedback to everyone so they know they excel in each aspect. You must deliver constructive feedback in a way that does not sadden others”.


More than just providing help when the team needs it, the way Jarvis drives the growth of Reactron team is through support and empowerment. With each individual’s passion that resonates with Jarvis’ advocacy, the team’s effectiveness and breakthroughs are being noticed.


Curvy Solutions AB- a new game to conquer


As far as opening a company outside Helsinki- what is your long-term vision and goal for technology solutions that Reactron and Curvy can be served?


 ”We try to reach and support as many customers as we can. Setting up a local presence in a foreign market will help to familiarize our own and also customer’s branding perceptions. We started out as global citizens, hence we also want to bring the spirit to the company”- Jarvis responded.


Qaraton | Miltä näyttää olla kehittäjä, jolla on liiketoiminta-ajattelu?


Understanding from an economic perspective, of course, expanding the market helps Reactron to exploit its full potential. However, it does not stop there, the real value that the company aims at is setting a long-term goal of conquering the domestic market as a foreign company. Accordingly, we will encourage our partners or other foreign companies in the spirit of entrepreneurship and jointly contribute value to the host community.


Qaraton | Miltä näyttää olla kehittäjä, jolla on liiketoiminta-ajattelu?Life as a CTO
What role does the company play in your life? How do you deal with a 40 hours weekly workload and run a company as CTO?

”I consider the Reactron team as a part of my identity and life. The workload might be a lot but it keeps my body and mind moving and going forward.”- Jarvis explained when he got the question.


What about daily life?


A food enthusiast himself- ”At weekends and sometimes at dinner time, I always get some spontaneous ideas of trying out new recipes and I do think making good food relieves some stress” – Jarvis shared.


Not all who wander are lost- Jarvis could be an example

”I also consider myself as a travel spirit so sometimes. I can just make a very quick decision of either going to a different city or just in the middle of nowhere. I would also recommend you to do those kinds of trips too!”

Each random trip can be seen as a way to inspire him in both terms of life and work. You can always see an endless source of positive energy radiating from him, as if nothing is impossible.


Through Jarvis’s blog, we hope you’ve got a closer look at this young man and have more motivation to follow your passions. We look forward to seeing you in the following personal blogs, where you will meet more talented elements from the Reactron team. 


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