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Software Testing

Software testing is more than merely clicking around on the user interface. It is about experimenting, exploring and learning subject under test. In modern testing approach, we incorporate testing through out the software life cycles by prioritising critical thinking in planning phase, automation in testing, active monitoring, and involve the whole team to contribute to testing work. At Qaraton, we have the best experts to help your project achieve excellence in testing.

Test Management

Poor test management in major and complex software projects can lead to delays, budget overruns, loss of stakeholder trust, and team frustration. A good test manager or coordinator requires experience and key management skills. These include test planning, organization, communication, and influence, plus a solid understanding of software testing. Reach out to us for expert assistance with your project.


Building an effective software testing strategy is no easy task, especially when dealing with a software vendor. At Qaraton, our expert consultants can guide you in negotiating testing activities and testability requirements with your vendor. This ensures your project is delivered with high quality and in a timely manner.

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